Keeping Tabs

Cool things are happening on the Internet. And you are missing out. That’s where I come in: I’m a reporter and journalist trying to keep tabs on everything coming at me from news organizations, music producers, companies, government agencies, artists, designers, marketing, advertising and more.

I’ve seen how much more engaging a story or set of facts becomes when it’s more than just a headline, picture and words on a page.

Formatting, layout and packaging are becoming as important as the content to engage an audience, get them into the piece and have them share it and spread the word.

I’m doing the leg work for you and putting as many of thse interactive, or multimedia, or immersive, or whatever you want to call them, website together in one place. I’m culling through the dense world of the Internet to bring out the sites that are worth looking at. I’m showing you things that are a little different and breaking out of the mold.

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