Recent issues

    Just browsing

    I collect a random selection of sites and links out there in the wild web. Here are five recent saves I made ranging from Trump-related content to interactive videos. Enjoy rifling through my browser history, like this 360-degree Hyperloop video – be sure to grab the screen and check out the experience from all angles. Make Elon Musk proud.

    More Olympics!

    I was so wrong about mediocre interactive Olympic coverage. So I’m back with a full offering from the New York Times, Washington Post, WSJ, Google and more. The New York Times is crushing it even without official GIFS by creating their own (scroll down, past several of Ledecky doing amazing things in the pool pictures), looking at Olympic body types (I only correctly identified three - what’d you get?), and profiling a series of athletes like you’ve never seen before. Even if you can’t be in Rio, these make you feel closer to the action and part of the Olympic spirit.

    Going for gold!

    Every four years (and in between for ice skating and skiing) I get into the Olympics. I made sure to see most of the Opening Ceremonies and diligently watched the Parade of Nations. (Always good to see how preppy the American outfits are, and this year Tonga really didn’t disappoint.) Leading up to the games there’s been plenty of coverage and scrutiny of Brazil’s ability to host the massive international sporting event. But disappointedly I haven’t found anything – yet – presenting Olympics information in an impressive layout or site. So here’s a collection of fairly simple interactives (which really just boils down to maps). If you’ve found something better out there, let me know!

    Visualizing horror

    Sadly I’ve been bringing up this piece showing the demise or fortunate escape of some of the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting last month. It’s a great example of presenting complex, hard-to-write situations with many points of view. The Tampa Bay Times also put together the special project, “Choice and Chance,” under two weeks. That’s some skillful reporting and strong web designing.

    Note:Poynter noticed this Keeping Tabs issue and gave a shoutout to this roundup on gun violence!